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blue uniforms

Posted by Maureen D on April 3, 2013 at 7:45 PM

Girls, PLEASE double check your name spelling and if a size is not listed, please message me a size asap.  Uniforms will cost about $25-$30 anyone who has a uniform from last year and can still wear it, please message no uniform.  PLEASE ASAP as they need to be ordered tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marisa Tiongco-Kim   AM


Nikolina Krzymanska   AS


Samantha Lobo   AS  6


Merna Ahmed   AM  10


Kaitlyn Roesinger  AS 9


Jesse Semeniak   AM 2


Phoebe Durak

Destiny Valle

Julia Szymanski    YL   1


Caitlyn Lafferty    AS #7


Christina Glade   YXL-AS   4


Marina Eshak    AS  21


Alika Mehra   AS  13


Alyssa Awad

Giana Orlando    AM


Nicole King    YXL    10


Mary Megali   YM   14


Mackenzie Stauss   AL


Miriam Bechay

Genna Post     AS


Gianna Ferrari    AS 11


Julia Smith

Stephanie Galano  AM  sorry 21 taken

Diamond De Barrows  AM  AS ????





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